Step by step

Read on to find out more about the standard process we maintain for all clients to reach a beautiful end product. We check in with you frequently, to make sure what we’re doing is still in line with what you’re expecting from us.

1. Intake

This is when we start listening. We look for what you want and can do, and what we want and can do. We’re critical, of you and ourselves. If we feel like video isn’t the solution for you, or that we can’t produce a satisfactory result within your budget, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. We’re passionate as well. We look for a solution that makes you happy. We send you the minutes for the intake interview.

2. Proposal

After the intake, we send you a proposal, containing a clear outline of what we’ll be doing, how we’ll contribute and what we expect from you at every stage of the process. And of course a financial section, without any nasty hidden surprises.

Go: you tell us if and how you wish to continue

3. Brainstorm

Subsequently, we come up with an initial design for your video together. What’s the story? What are the main beats of the story, what makes it special, which bits should be simplified? Does everything still fit within the budget we originally had in mind? Those kinds of questions. We also send you a confirmation of the plan.

Go: you tell us if and how you wish to continue

4. Script

We start with the script. We write or sketch it out to give you a good idea of what the end result will be like. You can then use these sketches to inform/ reassure/ excite your client(s)*. We get started on scheduling the actual video production in the meantime.

Go: you tell us if and how you wish to continue

* Fill out the option that is applicable to you.

5. Callsheet

We create a detailed schedule for the video shoot, containing every team member’s activities in a precise order. The scenes, locations, set design, cameras, sound crew, any other technology that’s needed. Every element necessary to efficiently capture the script on film.

6. Video production

Shooting is when everything comes together and a project really starts to take shape. Sometimes adjustments need to be made – a change in location, the weather refuses to cooperate, those kinds of things. Even then, we’re able to fix things – either by improvising, or by firmly deciding to reschedule or reshoot something.

7. Edit

Once everything has been shot, we bring it all together on the computer. Moving images, stills, texts and sound. We give you access to a rough edit, a first impression of the end result. You’ll get plenty of time to form an opinion on it with your client(s). Together, we make the finishing touches.

Go: you tell us if and how you wish to continue

8. Colour and audio correction

In post-processing, we fine-tune everything and give it a final polish.

9. Delivery

We give you access to the production, as well as any additional materials such as manuals. We take a moment to sit back, enjoy the end result and evaluate the process we’ve gone through together. In short, we have a little celebration. Another job fixed!

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